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Math/Stat Moments

Ulam Spiral

Ulam Spiral

Try this.  On a blank sheet of paper, starting with the number 1, create a spiral of numbers outward from the 1.  For example, 1, just beneath it 2, to the right of that 3, above 4, above 5, to the left 6, 7, etc. in a nice gridded sprial of numbers.  Now go back and circle the prime numbers you have (2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, etc.)

You may notice, as Stanislaw Ulam did in 1963, that some of the prime numbers are linked together in diagonal lines -- some with rather lengthy lines.

Admittedly, not much is discovered about the Ulam spiral, because it is not heavily studied by mathematicians.  It does, however, show that there is a clear pattern among prime numbers -- a topic that has been studied extensively.

For more information on the Ulam spiral, go here.

For more information on primes, go here.

Spotlight on AMS

Welcome to Aaron Porter

Join us in welcoming Professor Aaron Porter as Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics & Statistics.  Aaron joins us from a postdoctoral fellowship position in the University of Missouri Department of Statistics.  His interests have primarily focused on research that is spatial and spatio-temporal in nature.  His emphases are on geostatistical and lattice data, with applications to infectious disease modeling, small area estimation, big data and environmental data.  In his spare time Aaron enjoys running and the arts, particularly drawing and making things with his hands.

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