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Fri., Jan. 30: 3:00
AMS Colloquium
Michael Schuerer, Earth Systems Research Lab, NOAA

Mon., Feb. 2: 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Math Club Meeting
A Welcome Back meeting where we discuss all the events coming this term!

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Math/Stat Moments

The Art of Simon Beck

The Snow Art of Simon Beck

It's cold... very cold, but it's also snowing!  I know what you're thinking -- let's go build a snowman, snow fort, snow sculpture, etc!  I also know what usually happens.  The enthusiasm lasts about as long as the a hot cup of chocolate would in this weather and then we're left with something truly un-inspirational.

Try this instead.  Check out the snow art of Simon Beck.  His amazing snow art include large scale versions of snowflakes, fractal-like creations, and even a Sierpinski Triangle.  Be inspired!

(For some idea as to the scale of his creations, you may notice the artist in the upper right hand corner of the image above.  He's the small black dot on the line leading away from the creation)

For more information on Simon Beck's art, click here, or here.

Spotlight on AMS

We're Just Doing Our Jobs

 . . . which, it appears, quite a few people appreciate since the Colorado School of Mines was voted #2 in the nation as part of the College Factual survey for the Top 10 Colleges for a Major in Math.  We've always known that Mines is a great place for math and now so does everyone else.  Our program is designed to teach our students how to approach complex problems in a way that is applicable for a job in engineering, mathematics, business, finance and other careers.  As reported in USA Today, our graduates earn an average starting salary of $54,000 and report a mid-career salary of $100,000.

Sounds like a good place to be!

For more information on the Dept. of Applied Mathematics and Statistics, stop by.  We'll gladly discuss the possibilities!

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