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AMS Departmental Colloquia, Fall 2015

Talks are held on Fridays at 3:00 pm in Chauvenet 143, unless otherwise noted. Please join us for coffee and cookies beginning at 2:45 pm.

Sep 4Matthew Lettington
Cardiff School of Mathematics
Cardiff University, Wales
On Higher Dimensional Interlacing Fibonacci Sequences
Sep 11Emeric Thibaud
Dept. of Statistics
Colorado State University
Bayesian Inference for Spatial Extremes, with an Application to Extreme Low Temperatures
Sep 18Doug Nychka
Inst. of Math. Applied to Geosci.
Multi-resolution spatial methods for large data sets
Sep 25Jennifer Hoeting
Dept. of Statistics
Colorado State University
Parameter Inference and Model Selection in Deterministic and Stochastic Dynamical Models: Modeling a Wildlife Epidemic
Oct 2Chris Wikle
Dept. of Statistics
University of Missouri
Efficient Parameterizations and Optimal Support for Multiscale Multivariate Spatio-Temporal Data
Oct 9Gerhard Kristensson
Electrical and Information Technology
Lund University
On the Use of Analytic Functions in Electromagnetic Scattering Problems
Oct 16Fall Break - No Colloquium
Oct 23Ralph Smith
Dept. of Mathematics
North Carolina State University
Parameter Selection and Surrogate Model Calibration Techniques for Complex Physical & Biological Models
Oct 30Timothy Trujillo
Applied Mathematics & Statistics
Colorado School of Mines
Higher Dimensional Ramsey Theory
Nov 6Emilie (Hogan) Purvine
Signature Discovery Initiative
Pacific NW National Lab
Approximation Algorithms for Graph Edit Distance
Nov 13Peter St. John
Biosciences Center
Mathematical Approaches to Understanding Mammalian Circadian Rhythms
Nov 20Joshua French
Mathematical & Statistical Sciences
University of Colorado Denver
Confidence Regions for Exceedance Sets of Large Geostatistical Data Sets
Nov 27Thanksgiving Break - No Colloquium
Dec 4Vanja Dukic
Dept. of Applied Mathematics
University of Colorado Boulder
Dec 11Dead Day - No Colloquium

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