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Fri., Aug. 1: 
End of Summer II

Mon., May. 19 - Fri., Aug. 15: 
We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer! See you in the fall!

Mon., Aug. 18: 
Faculty Conference
Conference to kick-off the 2014-15 year!

Tue., Aug. 19: 
Fall classes start
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Math/Stat Moments

Some Summer Mathematics

To test your logic!

Let's test your crime solving skills:

You just discovered that your favorite elementary school teacher had her purse stolen. Fortunately, she has been able to narrow the possible suspects to Lillian, Judy, David, Theo or Margaret.  Using your best interrogation skills, you question these children who each make 3 statements:

1. I didn't take the purse;
2. I have never stolen anything;
3. Theo did it.

4. I didn't take the purse;
5. I have a purse of my own;
6. Margaret knows who did it.

7.  I didn't take the purse;
8.  I didn't know Margaret before I enrolled in this school;
9.  Theo did it.

10.  I didn't take the purse;
11.  Margaret did it;
12.  Lillian is lying when she says I stole the purse.

13.  I didn't take the purse;
14.  Judy is guilty;
15.  David can vouch for me because he's known me since I was born.

Later, under more professional interrogation, each child admits that 2 of their statements were true and one was false.

Assuming that this is the case, who took the purse?


Spotlight on AMS

AMS Students Selected for REUs

Congratulations to Abby Branch, Kelsey Kalmbach, and Sarah Verros!  These students have been selected to participate in some of the more competitive Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) in the nation.

  1. Abby was accepted into the Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics (IPAM) Research in Industrial Projects for Students to be held in collaboration with Hong Kong University of Science and Technology -- one of only 8 U.S. students selected;
  2. Kelsey was accepted into The Carleton College Summer Mathematics Program for Women -- a highly selective program that supports women in their study of mathematics; and
  3. Sarah was accepted into the Institute for Pure & Applied Mathematics (IPAM) Research in Industrial Projects for Students to be held at UCLA -- an opportunity for high-achieving undergraduates to work on real-world research projects.

Congratulations to all three students and good luck in your respective research opportunity!

Check out the opportunities inside AMS or Ask Us if you have any questions.

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