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Math/Stat Moments

Sir Andrew Wiles Receives the Abel Prize

The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters has decided to award the Abel Prize for 2016 to Sir Andrew J. Wiles, University of Oxford, "for his stunning proof of Fermat's Last Theorem by way of the modularity conjecture for semistable elliptic curves".

The Abel Prize was established by the Norwegian government in 2002 to recognize contributions to the field of mathematics that are of extraordinary depth and influence.

For more information on the Abel Prize, click here.

For more information on Andrew J. Wiles, click here.

For more information on Fermat's Last Theorem, click here.

Spotlight on AMS

Congratulations Majors!

A big congratulations goes out to Taylor Chott, Kownoon Her and Colin Eberl-Coe!  These students were part of an interdisciplinary team that participated in and won the University of Denver's Analytics Challenge held in early March.  The competition centered on finding insights from two large data sets about Denver crime over the previous five years.  The Mines' team focused on an approach using social control theory -- the Policing Pill Model -- which combines crime prevention education, outreach and law enforcement.  They also incorporated an optimization model to create a snapshot of where crimes were happening and derive an optimal placing of police cars for deterant.

Congratulation Mines' "Crime Stoppers"!

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