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Greg Fasshauer
Colorado School of Mines
Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics
1500 Illinois Street
Golden, Colorado
(303) 273-3803

Books and Publications

Meshfree Approximation Methods with MATLAB

Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences – Vol. 6


World Scientific Publishers, Singapore, 2007

Progress on Meshless Methods

(edited with A.J.M. Ferreira, E.J. Kansa, and V.M.A Leitño)

Computational Methods in Applied Sciences, Vol. 11

Springer, Berlin, 2009

Approximation Theory XIV: San Antonio 2013

(edited with Larry Schumaker)

Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, Vol. 83

Springer, New York, 2014

Kernel-based Approximation Methods using MATLAB

(co-authored with Mike McCourt)


Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences – Vol. 19

World Scientific Publishers, Singapore, 2015

Approximation Theory XV: San Antonio 2016


(edited with Larry Schumaker)

Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics, Vol. 201

Springer, New York, 2017

Selected Publications

  • (with G. Ala, E. Francomano, S. Ganci and M. McCourt) The method of fundamental solutions in solving coupled boundary value problems for M/EEG, SIAM J. Sci. Comput. 37/4 (2015), B570-B590.
  • (with R. Cavoretto and M. McCourt) An introduction to the Hilbert-Schmidt SVD using iterated Brownian bridge kernels, Numerical Algorithms 86 (2015), 393-422.
  • (with F. Hickernell and Q. Ye) Solving support vector machines in reproducing kernel Banach spaces with positive definite functions, Appl. Comput. Harmon. Anal. 38/1 (2015), 115-139.
  • (with Q. Ye), Reproducing kernels of Sobolev spaces via a Green function approach with differential operators & boundary operators, Adv. Comp. Math. 38/4 (2013), 891-921.
  • (with I. Cialenco and Q. Ye) Approximation of stochastic partial differential equations by a kernel-based collocation method, Int. J. Comput. Math. 89/18 (2012), 2543-2561.
  • (with M. J. McCourt) Stable evaluation of Gaussian radial basis function interpolants, SIAM J. Sci. Comput. 34/2 (2012), A737-A762.
  • (with F. J. Hickernell and H. Wozniakowski) On dimension-independent rates of convergence for function approximation with Gaussian kernels, SIAM J. Numer. Anal. 50/1 (2012), 247-271.
  • (with G. Song, J. Riddle, and F. J. Hickernell), Multivariate interpolation with increasingly flat radial basis functions of finite smoothness, Adv. Comp. Math. 36/3 (2012), 485-501.
  • Tutorial on Meshfree Approximation Methods with Matlab, Slides for 6 Lectures, Dolomites Research Notes on Approximation, Vol. 1, 2008