Mathematical Biology and Biostatistics

Mathematical Biology focuses on the application of mathematical and statistical modeling, analysis, and computational simulation to explore a variety of biological processes. Research in AMS includes but is not limited to sleep and circadian rhythms, metabolism, endocrinology, biofluid dynamics and biochemistry of blood coagulation, microorganism motility, in-host viral dynamics, and epidemiology.

Research Faculty 

Cecilia Diniz Behn

Research Group: Math Bio

  • Multiple time scales in the interactions between sleep and circadian rhythms
  • Glucose-insulin dynamics and quantifying tissue-specific insulin resistance
  • Orexin/hypocretin neurons and their role in stabilizing sleep-wake behavior
  • Stochastic and deterministic contributions to the fine architecture of sleep-wake behavior

Karin Leiderman

AMS Director of Graduate Studies
Research Group: Math Bio

  • Blood coagulation and platelet aggregation under flow
  • Understanding variability in bleeding phenotypes
  • Uncertainty quantification in blood coagulation models
  • Microorganism motility in viscous fluids

Steve Pankavich

Research Groups: Math Bio, Hydrology Research Group

  • Mathematical and computational Epidemiology
  • Modeling and analysis of in-host disease dynamics
  • Multiscale modeling and simulation of nanoscale biological structures
  • Coarse-grained modeling of biomolecules