Computational and Global Seismology



The Computational & Global Seismology Group focuses on multi-scale seismic wave propagation in complex media, seismic source (i.e., earthquakes, marsquakes) modeling, and tomographic imaging problems of the deep Earth and other planetary interiors. The research spans from the theory to data applications involving, but not limited to, acoustic, elastic, and anelastic wave propagation with asymptotic and 2D/3D numerical methods, optimization techniques, seismic tomography, full-waveform inversion, addressing large-scale HPC simulations and big-data challenges primarily in seismology.

Research Faculty 

Ebru Bozdağ



  • Global & Computational Seismology

Samy Wu Fung


  • Inverse Problems, Optimization, Deep Learning
  • Optimal Control, Mean Field Games

Luis Tenorio


  • Statistical Inverse Problems
  • Applied Probability
  • Experimental Design

PostDoctoral Fellows

Dr. Haiyang Kehoe

USGS Mendenhall

Dr. Masaru Nagaso

Colorado School of Mines

Dr. Ridvan Orsvuran

Colorado School Mines Associate


Cash Cherry

Ayon Ghosh

Austin Hoyle

Colton Koenig

Kelly Ryan

Margaret Sauer