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Football Wizard?


If you could predict with high accuracy whether a team will call a pass play or a run play during a game, you might be able to write your own ticket into NFL stardom!  Well an industrial engineer with a Statistics minor and an alumni Statistics major, both from North Carolina State University (NCSU) may have developed a mechanism into just such stardom.

William Burton and Michael Dickey from NCSU have built a statistical model that predicts the play-calling tendency of NFL teams with high accuracy.  To test their model, the two randomly selected 20 games from completed NFL seasons.  The model's best result was correctly predicting 91% of plays in a 2014 game between Jacksonville and Dallas with the average prediction accuracy over all 20 games at 75%.

We may just be reading about Coach Burton or Coach Dickey in the not to distant future.

For more information on their work, click here.

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Spotlight on AMS

Congratulations Majors!

Five of our own attended the Nebraska Conference for Undergraduate Women in Mathematics (NCUWM) this year.  A big congratulations especially goes out to Taylor Chott, Kownoon Her, Sujee Park and Sarah Verros.  Each of these students presented posters at the conference.  Kelsey Kalmbach, a presenter last year, was also able to attend.

The NCUWM is held each year and is open to outstanding undergraduate women mathematicians at all stages in their careers.  The overall goal of the conference is to arm participants with knowledge, self-confidence, and a network of peers to help them become successful mathematicians.

A big way to go to each of these ladies who are well on their way in becoming successful majors and successful mathematicians!

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