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Venus Fly Traps Can Count

Feed Me Seymour!

So, no, don't expect to see one in your math class tomorrow.  However, there have been some fairly incredible studies involving this plant that will make you stop and think.  The most recent is a study in the journal Current Biology in which researchers have determined that the fly trap actually counts movements of its prey to determine when to close the trap, when to begin the digestive process and when to open the trap anew -- creepy, huh?

Beyond that, there have also been studies into the movement of the Venus flytrap -- long regarded as one of the most amazing examples of movement in the animal kingdom.  The closure of the trap represents one of the fastest movements in the plant kingdom.  This movement consists of nonlinear dynamics that are still not well understood.

Maybe Audrey Jr. wasn't so imaginary after all....

Spotlight on AMS

Congratulations Karen Kazor

Congratulations to one of our outstanding graduate students, Karen Kazor!

Karen was a winner of the 2016 ENVR Student Paper Competition.  Winning papers are based primarily on statistical innovation and significance of the contribution to environmental science.  As part of the award, Karen receives travel compensation to the Joint Statistical Meetings in Chicago in August where she will present her paper in a special topic contributed session.  A great honor for a well deserving student!

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