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Fri., Jan. 30: 3:00
AMS Colloquium
Michael Schuerer, Earth Systems Research Lab, NOAA

Mon., Feb. 2: 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Math Club Meeting
A Welcome Back meeting where we discuss all the events coming this term!

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Math/Stat Moments


Math and Running

So you want to run your first race and, of course, you want to win.  We all know we're supposed to eat right, train well and practice, practice, practice!  But would you believe that one of the things you're missing is math?

In a recent paper published in the SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, a pair of mathematicians from France proposed a system of ordinary differential equations which coupled the unknowns about the runner (velocity, propulsive force, anaerobic energy) and was dependent upon physiological parameters and total available anaerobic energy, which could be used to deduce an optimal running strategy.

For more information on their work click here or check out the actual paper here (available until January, 2015)

On your mark, get set,.... MATH!

Spotlight on AMS

Professor Receives DOE Funding

A CSM-led research team with principal investigator Paul Constantine has been funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Advanced Scientific Computing Research program to improve the capabilities of data-intensive physical simulations such as climate simulations.  Constantine's team will apply the methods they develop to real inverse problems in chemical kinetics and turbulent flame modeling.

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