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What can you do with a Math degree?...

Happy at my Job!

... Apparently, really enjoy your job!  According to CareerCast.com's rankings of the 10 best and 10 worst jobs, being a mathematician is the best job to have in 2014!  Not only that but 3 of the top 5 jobs are math related with Statistician coming in at #3 and Actuary at #4.  To paint an even better picture of the opportunities that AMS offers and that Mines offers, 9 of the top 10 jobs are STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) related.  So with all due respect to lumberjacks everywhere, we know what you can do with your mathematics education -- love your work!

For the full article, check out CNBC...

Spotlight on AMS

Karen Kazor and Amanda Hering Present Posters at EWEA

Congratulations to one of our outstanding graduate students, Karen Kazor, and her advisor Prof. Amanda Hering! 

Karen and Mandy were selected to present posters at the European Wind Energy Assocation Workshop on Wind Forecasting held at Rotterdam, The Netherlands.  Karen's topic was "Statistical Identification of Local and Regional Wind Regimes" and Mandy's topic was "Short-Term Forecasting of Categorical Changes in Wind Power with Markov Chain Models".  Nice job to both for some excellent research!

For more information on the EWEA Workshop, take a look at the conference website.  For more information on Mandy's and Karen's research, stop by the Dept. of Applied Math & Statistics and chat for a while.

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